Standard Dialer


gPlex Standard Dialer

gPlex® Mobile Dialer is a software that can be downloaded in an Internet enabled cell phone for making calls over the Internet. The software (Android & Symbian) is compatible with WiFi/GPRS/3G/4G LTE network. gPlex® Mobile Dialer service offers service provider flexible branding and customization options. gPlex® Mobile Dialer now supports Android and Symbian phones.

Standard Dialer (with Turbo): Turbo version of the gPlex® Mobile Dialer has been developed using advanced compression and efficient jitter buffer handling techniques. It uses extremely low bandwidth (13kbps to 15kbps) on g.729 codec. Since Turbo version of the gPlex® Mobile Dialer can bypass firewall/blocks in many parts of the globe it is incumbent upon the users to use it in compliance with local telecom regulations.

  • gPlex Dialer For All Networks

  • gPlex Mobile Dialer can bypass firewall/blocks for all the networks.
  • Get Robust gPlex Softswitch

  • Easy to operate gPlex® Softswitch using an Internet enabled mobile phone.

Why gPlex® Mobile Dialer

  • Brand - Customize

gPlex® Mobile Dialer offers flexible branding & customization for service provider.

  • Update - Continuously

gPlex® tech team updates the Mobile Dialer on continual basis to fulfil customers demand.

  • Access easy - Any network

gPlex® Mobile Dialer works with WiFi/3G/4G data network, connect from Symbian,iPhone and Android phone for crystal talk.

  • Demo - Dialer

gPlex® offers Demo Dialer for customer evaluation. Get your DEMO now.