gPlex® Standard Dialer


gPlex® Prime Standard Packages

gPlex®® Standard Mobile Dialer Monthly Packages (No Brand Cost):

Channel 50 100 200 300 500
Per Month US $150 US $250 US $400 US $450 US $600

gPlex®® Standard Mobile Dialer Regular Packages:

Dialer Brand cost Turbo Dialer Packages


3 months

6 months

12 months

US $1000


US $400

US $600

US $900

US $1000


US $600

US $900

US $1500

US $1000


US $1200

US $1800

US $3000

US $1000


US $1500

US $2400

US $4200

US $1000


US $2000

US $3500

US $6000

Terms and Conditions:

1. If the customer fails to renew the gPlex®® standard or Lite mobile dialer Monthly Package for a month, the service will be blocked. If the blocked period exceeds to 2 (two) months, the customer will lose the ownership of the gPlex®® standard mobile dialer.

2. During service period if customer faces any problem in the market, we will give our best effort to solve and if successful we will provide support for that market free of cost.

3. Customer can request for changing switch IP any time during the service period if required.

4. Brand Name can be changed free of cost within 15 days from purchase date (NOT APPLICABLE FOR MONTHLY STANDERD PACKAGE). After that a charge of US $700 will apply in every change. However, Brand PIN is NOT changeable in any situation.

5. gPlex®® mobile dialer is distributed globally through the web without considering telecommunications regulation of any specific country i.e. it is 'country neutral'. Regulations governing telecommunications services may vary from country to country. So it is the responsibility of the users of this mobile dialer to ensure that they are using it in accordance with the existing local telecommunications regulations. gPlex®® mobile dialer authorities are not responsible for the use of the dialer by its clients in countries where it may not be legal to use any mobile dialer.